Caroline Arrowsmith
Caroline Arrowsmith is the Whanganui Council’s climate change advisor. Previously she was an educator with the Sustainable Trust in Wellington, working with communities on fruit tree and school holiday programmes and setting up projects to rescue organic wastes. Recently she has featured in the local media encouraging households to think about ways to minimise food waste as part of Food Waste Action Week.
Exercise park on the banks of Te awa Whanganui
A talk given by Rob Vinson and Sarah O'Hagan about a proposed exercise park on the banks of Te awa Whanganui.
Doctor Marion Taylor talks about the hospital set up in Chitambo by David Livingstone
Dr Marion Taylor talking to Whanganui Rotary about the life of of David Livingstone and the hospital that was set up in Chitambo where he died.
Steph Lewis MP for Whanganui
Steph Lewis is being sensible as she is not far from becoming a mother for the second time. This video was recorded on 7 March 2022 by Zoom